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Our parts manager is an expert in parts. He is able to find for you what is the best for your vehicle, he can advise you on the purchase of parts and accessories to help you make the right choice.

He has great knowledge of the parts and you can trust him, if this is done, he will find it! We have original pieces but also “aftermarket” parts and deal with several recognized distributors.

Do not hesitate to contact our parts department, by phone, email or visit us at l’Atelier, it will be our pleasure to answer you.

Yaakov Ludmer
Parts manager
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Price : $975


  • UV Stabilized;
  • Rugged and impact resistant;
  • Ideal for wet loads;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Will float;
  • Black, red, green, yellow, blue, orange available.

All parts are replaceable unlike metal trailers.
The material is coloured – no paint to chip.
Plastic can not rust.


  • Heavy steel construction – 100% galvanized;
  • Durable high density polyethylene;
  • Light weight – only 185 LBs;
  • Excellent balance – 68″ tongue on a 48″ frame;
  • 10″ ground clearance;
  • 2″ coupler (removable);
  • 22″ x 11″ x 8″ knobby off road tires.


  • 22 Cubic Feet (Largest on the market);
  • Dimensions – 48″ wide x 60″ long x 33″ high;
  • Rated payload – 1000 LB. / 454 KG.

Price : $249.99

  • Optional trailer lid – priced seperately;
  • Rotationally molded from durable polyethylene;
  • Lockable;
  • Easily removable;
  • Protects cargo from elements;
  • Secures objects from falling out.

Price : $384.95

  • Allows your trailer to easily move across snow for winter use;
  • Simply remove the wheel axle assembly and install the ski axle assembly. (Only 3 bolts to deal with.);
  • Skis are rotationally molded from durable polyethylene;
  • Molded skis contain molded-in steel core with self-lubricating bronze pivot bushings;
  • Alloy-steel, galvanized running bars with stainless steel hardware included.

Price : $3950.00 Installation incluse/Installation included

All seasons capability; Snow, mud, marsh

  • Easy steering; Front radius track shape and carriage;
  • Increased vehicle stability while increasing ground clearance;
  • Drive sprockets matched to engine displacement;
  • Kits for most popular ATVs 300cc and up;
We recommend the use of this product on ATVs equipped with power steering for ease of use.

Price :$1075-$1225 Installé/Installed + txs

  • Exclusively at Atelier Motosport: The ultimate snowplow solution;
  • The suspension lock struts keep the plow parallel to the ATV’s axles  for even plowing;
  • The locking struts also prevent the the ATV from plunging under the weight of the snow which in turn gives you higher ground clearance;
  • After the inital installation, the entire plow kit is easily removed or installed in minutes using no special tools;
  • The plow can be set at a 0°, 12.5° or 25° angle in either direction.

Your ATV will be transformed into an unstoppable bulldozer!

All too often a winch cable will jam after constantly lifting and lowering the plow. Not only is a winch slower, it also weakens your battery on top of unduly stressing your electrical system.

35$ surcharge when lags are installed.