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2007 Buell XB9SX Lightning CityX –

$4 900

2007 Buell

2007 Buell XB9SX Lightning CityX -


984 cm3.

Cadre périmétrique en aluminium faisant office de réservoir dessence
(14 litres), bras oscillant renfermant le réservoir dhuile, transmission par courroie, pot déchappement sous le moteur, frein avant de type périmétrique (le plus grand à ce jour) et géométrie pour le moins radicale (1 320 mm dempattement et 21° dangle de chasse).


A metro-middleweight, the Lightning CityX XB9SX is the perfect tool for the rider who needs to slice through congested traffic, blast away from green lights, dodge construction zones and occasionally bump a curb.

The tall Skyline seat helps the rider see over traffic. A new, grippy vinyl seat cover material offers enhanced control and comfort. Wide, supermotard-style handlebars feature handlebar deflectors, the dual headlights are covered with an aggressive grille, and high-impact composite frame pucks protect the frame from minor cosmetic damage.

The Lightning CityX is powered by the Thunderstorm 984 V-Twin that revs quicker and higher than the Thunderstorm 1203 while still serving up a satisfying portion of torque. The see-through Translucid airbox cover and flyscreen in Hero Blue or Kick Ash Gray put mechanical details on display, while Villain Black wheels and Midnight Black lower body panels and front fender hide the grime of the city.

2007 Buell XB9SX Lightning CityX -









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Type Motorcycles
Modèle XB9SX
Année 2007
km 34000
Vin 5MZKX02N673200103